Easy Dinners for Maternity Leave

Easy Dinners for Maternity Leave


We all have those days, where we are tired and the idea of putting dinner on the table is just not something you want to do. I am now three weeks away from my due date and thinking about how cooking is going to work with two children under foot. Luckily I have a few standby recipes that I use when I need something good but doesn’t require a lot of prep work or time in front of a stove. Here are six of my easy dinner choices for a delicious meal without the drain on your time:

Pulled Pork



This is an easy crock pot meal that requires very little time, once the meat is cooked it should shred easily from being so tender. All you need are some rolls and you have dinner! If you are feeling really energetic, you can make some calzones with it!

Chicken Chili



This is another crock pot meal that involves very little prep, all you need is to shred the meat and you have a healthy, delicious dinner.

Cheesy Chicken

cheesy chicken


This whole meal can be prepped and served within a half hour, it’s very fulling and versatile. You can eat this alone or put it into a tortilla for an yummy, different enchilada option.

Sausage and Pepper Grinders



This is another meal that can be done in about a half hour, you just need some rolls and dinner is served.

BBQ Pork Chops



Very few ingredients and super juicy. The prep work for this is under ten minutes and they are ready to eat right out of the oven.

Chicken with Potatoes and Green Beans



This is one of the easiest recipes you can make, you literally just need to quarter potatoes and then everything goes into a dish and into the oven. Great option for those who are having a day where cooking is the last thing they want to do!


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