I was recently asked to review a new reading app called FarFaria which works on iPad and Android devices. This is a great app for parents who are looking for a variety of books but can’t make it to the library or bookstore regularly. FarFaria gives access to over 600 children’s books, along with 5 new books that get added every week. The app is easy to use and the Read-to-Me feature is wonderful for those moments when your child wants to read but you have your hands full. I have had some peaceful times cooking dinner while my son sat at the table getting some stories read. The app is very interactive and can also let you read the books yourself and go at your own pace.

Preschool Playground      Mt Make Believe


FarFaria was created for children 2-9 and has a variety of books for all interests and reading levels. They give a reading level badge in front of the story so you know how advanced it is before opening. The categories vary from “Preschool Playground” to “Classics Grove”, even “Fairy Tale Falls”. We already have a few books that are favorites, which is convenient since the app has offline access for children to read their Favorites. I know this was a great change of pace from reading “Goodnight Moon” for the 16th time in a week. My son is going through a farm animal obsession right now and there was several great books that he loved reading over and over again.


You can download FarFaria for free from the App Store for iPads and Google Play for Android devices. You can try FarFaria for free after download by reading one story every day for free with no obligation to pay. Monthly full-access subscriptions to FarFaria start at $3.99 a month.


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